This site is your entrance to the world of data at We provide information and data about the key environmental data in Germany, which currently covers the following topics:

Facilities (PRTR):

For facilities, you can discover information about amounts of pollutants and waste within the frame of PRTR in various ways in

If you want to know details about the Pollution Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) you can browse our Information, Knowledge and sites.

Information and data about PRTR are building the heart of at the moment.

Diffuse sources (PRTR):

Not only single facilities, but also diffuse sources release emissions. For example, agriculture, transportation on streets and railways and private households are taken into account. Data about diffuse sources you can find on here.

Urban waste water:

In the frame of the European Directive 91/271/EEC concerning the urban waste water treatment the Federate States of Germany (Bundesländer) are reporting data about waste water treatment plants, which are further reported to the European Commission.

A publication of these data is now also available at at. Aim of this directive is to prevent the environment from being adversely affected by the disposal of insufficiently-treated urban waste water.

Waste water treatment plants, which are covered by this directive, could also be subject to report as facilities under the PRTR, if the relevant prerequisites are fulfilled.