Data - Facilities (PRTR)

For facilities, you can discover information about amounts of pollutants and waste within the frame of PRTR in various ways in

If you want to know the meaning of the Pollution Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) you can browse our Information, Knowledge and sites.

Information and data about PRTR are building the heart of at the moment.

Search the surrounding

This tool is recommended for those who do not want to search on a map. You can search for facilities in the surrounding of 10 to 50 km of a known location.


Make your selection and send the request. There is an interesting option to display results other than facilities: an overview of pollutants and amounts of waste. Other search criteria are available as well.

Emissions in short

Is there too much of information at We have compiled an overview of data of the recent reporting year for you to use easily. Please follow the link.

You can also download the whole content of as a database.