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Facility / Authority

What must industrial facilities do and what duties do which competent authorities have? To ensure that provides reliable and credible information about pollutant releases, there are a number of specific tasks which both industrial facilities with reporting duties and the associated competent authorities must accomplish:

  • Operators must forward data to the competent authorities in their federal state. This is done online with the BUBE-Online data collecting system. For more detailed information go to BUBE-Online.
  • The competent federal state authorities review the data for accuracy and correctness. All the data collected in the respective federal state is compiled and forwarded to the Federal Environment Agency.
  • The Federal Environment Agency reviews the data again and compiles a national data set. This data set is sent to the EU Commission, and it is also published on the is accessible to everyone – as is the European PRTR and every other national PRTR (see also Links - PRTR international).

In Germany, this three-step reporting process occurs online with the support of the BUBE-Online data collecting system. Operators receive a personal login and password from their competent authority and enter their data online (see also Q&A - Question 7).

More detailed online help on reporting is to be found in the so-called expert wiki which contains many information and a detailed Q&A catalogue about reporting. If you are an operator with reporting requirements and do not know how to meet these requirements, please contact your competent authority.

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