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Federal Environment Agency and Federal-Länder cooperation

We at the Federal Environment Agency manage the Internet portal. We inform you here about the scale of pollution released by some 5,000 industrial facilities. We cooperate with the competent authorities within the federal states who receive the data from the facilities and review them for quality. The software that the facilities use to record and transmit data to the competent authorities is called BUBE, a German abbreviation for the reporting system. BUBE was developed by the federal states and UBA and funded equally by the two sides.


  • The terms 'PRTR' and 'Pollutant Release and Transfer Register' are used at international and EU level. Some of the national PRTRs have adopted their own names; see PRTR international link;
  • The data published in the portal about individual facilities is collected on the basis of the EU E-PRTR Regulation of 2006;
  • The data on emissions from diffuse sources that is published in the portal comes from various sources of the Federal Environment Agency, the federal states and elsewhere. The many small sources of emissions such as a single passenger car are called 'diffuse sources'. Although it would be very labour-intensive and costly to obtain individual reports from these emission sources, the sum total of transport emissions, for example, plays a significant role as a source of nitrogen oxide emissions. 


December 2012