Bild zeigt einen Mann mit Fernglas vor den Augen; er betrachtet die Landschaft.

PRTR becomes

The Internet portal provides you with a lot of information about the quality of the environment – or more precisely, about how much pollution industrial facilities are releasing into the environment and how much waste they are disposing of off-site. The name stands for clarity, transparency, reliability and credibility. In Norse mythology, Thrude was the goddess of trees and flowers. Her name means 'strength'.

This Internet portal offers reliable, transparent and 'powerful' data on

  • how many pollutants individual industrial facilities are releasing to air and water and how much waste they dispose of off-site,
  • the levels of environmental pollution from the transport sector, agriculture and households, and
  • it points to links with more information about the quality of the environment.

The portal has now replaced what had formerly been the PRTR on the Internet since June 2009. PRTR stands for 'Pollutant Release and Transfer Register'. Although the staff at industrial facilities and public authorities who are responsible for data collection and quality assurance have become familiar with the term PRTR in recent years, citizens’ comments revealed that it means very little to most members of the public – and they are in fact the target of the information.


December 2012