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What kind of information is on is a register of releases of pollutants and disposals of pollutants and waste.

There is an open access to this register for everyone who wants information about the source and the amount of pollution individual facilities are releasing to the air, soil and bodies of water. You can find details of the facility, main processes and emissions data and the quantity of e.g. disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The register contains information on the emissions of 91 different substances, which contribute to aicification, eutrophication, ground-level ozone and climate change. The register only holds emission data from sources that exceed fixed threshold values. These values serve to exempt smaller facilities and facilities releasing low amounts of emissions from reporting. The register therefore mainly holds emission data of larger facilities in various sectors of industry such as metal processing, chemicals, paper or food production. It also registers emissions from waste incineration and landfills as well as intensive livestock production farms. In Germany, operators of facilities have official authorisation concerning the emissions and are subject to regular monitoring of compliance with the permit requirements.

The register also contains emission data from various diffuse sources.

The legal foundation of the register is the EU's PRTR Regulation (E-PRTR Regulation) and Germany's PRTR law (PRTR law) .