Bild zeigt ein Fernglas, das über eine Hügellandschaft blickt

Goals of is the German portal for transparent and open access to environmental information about emissions released by industry including emissions from diffuse sources (transport, households and agriculture).

We publish information on facilities’ air and water emissions and the volumes of waste they generate and dispose. This information helps the public as well as industry, authorities, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, insurance companies and many others in identifying polluters, making easy comparisons and eventually reaching decisions on environmental issues.

Our goals are to

• provide open access to comprehensive environmental information to everyone and thereby
• promote and raise public awareness of the environment in order to ensure broad participation in the decision-making process on environmental matters.

We also expect to trigger listed enterprises to improve their environmental performance. 

Furthermore, everyone can use data to monitor state and trend in industrial emissions and waste disposed, which may indicate progress made by selected enterprises in reducing emissions.