PRTR pollutants included in at a glance

As a new service on, we are offering a volume of PRTR pollutants with provides a quick overview of data available since 2007.

You can find the current volume in the download area of or directly at this Links:

Pollutants of the PRTR – Situation in Germany for reporting years 2007-2022

Schadstoffe im PRTR – Situation in Deutschland für die Berichtsjahre 2007-2022

(The latest volume is only available in German). is the right place when searching for information about pollution releases and waste transfer by industrial facilities. Separated by industrial sectors you may search for facilities, which release one or more of the 91 pollutants listed in the PRTR either in your neighborhood or Germany-wide since 2007. It includes the release to air, water and land, off-site transfer in waste water and off-site transfer of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Different options for searching are provided at as well as an interactive map and further information.

We now make it even easier for all interested people to get a general idea of the coverage of this database by providing a volume of all emitted pollutants covered by annually. The volume comprises an analysis of each pollutant of the most recent reporting year by summing-up the releases and off-site transfers in waste water caused by the responsible industrial sectors and the number of facilities involved. Two compact figures show the development since 2007 and allow an easy access to trends. This volume may be  seen as starting point for further investigations.

The German Environment Agency would like putting interested people in a better position when participating in discussions and decisions in environmental topics.

An updated version  of this volume that might also include, for example individual PRTR activities within industrial sectors, will be provided in the near future.

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 January 2024